Planning your stories can be done via 'Campaigns' or via 'Content Calendar'.

A campaign is a bundle of stories. 

Group stories in campaigns (themes). Measure campaigns' performance. Add existing stories to campaigns or plan future stories and assign collaborators to them.

If you scroll down, you already see which stories are part of this campaign.
Green side bar: published stories
Red side bar: stories that exceeded deadline

In 'Story Title', just fill in a new story title, add a publication date (deadline) and click on 'Add Story'. 

Invite users to work on this story. They get a notification in their mailbox.

Your planned stories will appear in the calendar of that campaign.

You can also add a story in the calendar of the campaign itself.
Simply click on a date and start adding a story title, select language, publication time and add contributors to the story.

It will also appear in the general Content Calendar. Here's a short video introduction of what your content planning could look like!

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