After you finished with the story, then you can start completing the summary.
This summary is used for blog overview pages, social media posts, newsletters, ambassadors.

  1. Title is automatically the title of your story. That cannot be changed here.
  2. Cover image: image that will be used on blog overview, social media posts, newsletters, ambassadors
  3. Excerpt: description that will be shown under the title.
  4. Author: if you work with ghost writers, you can change it here. 
  5. Category: add categories to your story. If you use the blog from Story Chief, categories will be used to show related stories.
  6. Tags: micro-categories for your story. If you use the blog from Story Chief, tags are shown at the top of your story. These tags will also appear on your published article in Medium, so Medium readers can find your article if they search for these tags.

Here's an example of related stories:

When you scroll down in 'Summary', you will also see how the story will appear in search-engine results.
Change the SEO title, URL and meta description accordingly.

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