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Here's a quick one-minute breakdown of what StoryChief is:

1. Introduction to the StoryChief Editor

If you can spare two minutes of your life, then you can see exactly what an editor made for writers by writers looks like. While you're at it, you can get an introduction to the wonders of our Editorial Brief.

2. Making your story rich and interactive

Learn how to get menus and icons to pop up when you need them, especially handy in the editing process. Plus, get an idea of which forms of media and rich media you can add to bring your stories to life!

3. Optimizing for on-page SEO and Readability

See in detail how our SEO tool can help you optimize your stories with focus keywords and readability. Master this and you'll be well on your way to meeting your content strategy goals!

4. Optimizing for organic search engine resultsĀ 

Dive deep into how you can control what your story looks on search engine results pages. See what your readers see before they click and read, and adjust accordingly.

5. Collaborate with the best of them

Whether you work on a team or maybe you just have multiple personalities to appease, you can learn all the advantages of the features around collaboration in the creative process.

6. Choose your audience and publish in one click

See how multi-channel publishing can be done in seconds. Learn what and where you can customize your messaging for branding and consistency!

7. Introduction to the Content Calendar

Take a quick tour of what your content planning could look like. Whether you're dropping stories right into your calendar as you go, or grouping stories in campaigns, sync everything and everyone up!

See also: Our FAQ and don't hesitate to throw us feedback or questions to add to it!

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