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Can you tell me about your roadmap?
Can you tell me about your roadmap?

What are your plans? What will you build? πŸ’ͺ

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We have set out Story Chief with a clear vision and mission. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for all your editorial needs. We want to cater for all company sizes, small or big in their efforts to bring their message to the public.

We pride ourselves in being customer-centric, meaning the input of our customers (that's you πŸ™‚) define our next features! Keep in mind that this is an ongoing, always-changing process.

Enough talk, here's the actual roadmap:

  • ...

  • βœ… Medium publications

  • βœ… Editor navigation v2

  • βœ… Press channel

  • βœ… Content calendar v2

  • βœ… Zapier integration

  • Publishing presets

  • Facebook channel: personal posts

  • βœ… Facebook channel: group posts

  • βœ… LinkedIn channel: personal posts

  • Predate articles

  • Customisable social media posts

  • Stats v2

  • ...

We have a lot more going on, some things are just too early (and experimental) to talk about yet.Β 

We are always listening to you, just talk to us via the chat. Frequently asked features that fit our product always get built.

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