Adding mentions inside StoryChief is available for:

Mentions work a bit differently across all the channels. To learn more about these differences, click on a specific channel name above or scroll below.

Adding a Mention/Tag To Social Posts

Step 1. Visit your Social posts page and create new social posts via the button located at the upper-right, or open existing posts via the Edit link.

Step 2. Choose which channels to publish and create the master message (located to the right of channels).

Step 3. In the Tailor by channel section, you are able to mention other people and companies.

LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Profiles

Type @ followed by the slug of the page. Matches for your text will be displayed in a dropdown below and you will need to click on an item inside the dropdown to confirm the mention. Once clicked, the text will transform into a mention (eg. @story-chief will be changed to StoryChief).

πŸ”” Note: Only pages with over 300 followers can be mentioned.

πŸ”” Note: Due to API limitations the mention can only be found when exactly inputting the URL slug. Example: To mention "The Coca-Cola Company"


Start with @ and type the username, or search using actual name or topic. For example, if you begin with @football, you will receive a list of football teams.

Facebook Pages

Start with @ and type the page name.

πŸ”” Note: Personal Facebook profiles and Facebook Groups cannot be mentioned. Only Facebook pages can.


Due to API limitations, we’re not able to autocomplete mentions of Instagram accounts. That said, you can still include mentions in your post but you would need to type in the exact handle you’d like to include. You can include up to five mentions within one post. Once published to Instagram, the account you mentioned will become hyperlinked.

Click here to learn how to start creating social posts with StoryChief.

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