By default, StoryChief will publish posts to your WordPress site using the standard post type. If you want to use a custom post type, follow this help article to add a line of code to the StoryChief WordPress plugin.

Step 1. Login to the admin side of your WordPress site and go to PluginsPlugin Editor.

Step 2. Choose StoryChief from the dropdown menu and click Select.

Step 3. In the sidebar, expand includes and click on webhook.php.

Step 4. In the editor, scroll down until you reach this section (line 75):

    $post = array(
        'post_title'   => $story['title'],
        'post_content' => $story['content'],
        'post_excerpt' => $story['excerpt'] ? $story['excerpt'] : '',
        'post_status'  => (\Storychief\Settings\get_sc_option('test_mode')) ? 'draft' : 'publish',
        'meta_input'   => array(),

Step 5. Below:

'meta_input'   => array(),


'post_type'   => 'page',

Replace page with the name of your post type. A screenshot of the line added:

Step 6. Click on Update File to save your changes.

Your next story will be created using that post type!

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