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Content Discovery Feed: An Introduction
Content Discovery Feed: An Introduction
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Ever come across a page and wanted to save it for a future story or social post? We know we have! That's why we have created a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly save feeds and bookmark interesting articles. It's called the StoryChief Content Discovery Feed. Let me explain why you should be using it!

Getting started

Your content discovery feed launches whenever you open a new tab or window inside your browser - always available at any moment. On the left-hand side, you will find your feeds and saved stories, with a list of recent stories next to it. On the other side, there are buttons to create content and log in to StoryChief, as well as a Google search bar. Chrome extensions that we think could be useful for you are displayed at the bottom.

Adding feeds

We all have our favorite websites for both inspiration and news, so why not add them to your feed? To do this, simply copy the address of the RSS feed and click on Add another feed. Paste in the feed and click on Add feed. The website will instantly join the others. Not sure where to find an RSS feed? Read this help article.

Viewing feeds and saving stories

When opening your content discover feed, all feeds with be displayed in reverse chronological order. From your list, you can either click on an item to go to it or save it for later use. View more info about saving and managing stories.

Removing stories and feeds

Hovering over a story or feed will show you a trash icon, clicking on that will ask you if you want to delete it from your content discovery feed.

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