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Inside the StoryChief social post editor, you can upload one or multiple images and have them visible inside the post. Discover how in this help article.

1. Adding images

Step 1. Go to your social posts page and open an existing draft post by clicking on Edit, or create a new one by selecting the + new social post button (check out this help article on how to do this).

Step 2. Once inside the social post editor, you will see four options to add content to your post. Choose "Image" to be presented with the following options:

  • Upload images: add images from your computer or device.

  • Media library: to add images previously uploaded to your workspace.

  • Upload from ...: to add images from your connected DAM/Cloud storage provider

  • Upload from URL: to add an image from a public URL

Upload images

Selecting this option will open the file browser on your computer so that you can pick the images you want to upload. You can upload multiple images at once. The images are then added automatically to your post. Learn more about optimising image sizes.

2. Media library

A new window will appear for you to choose images. Click on the images to add or remove them from your selection. A total of 10 images are able to added to a post. Click on the Upload link to import more images or the green Insert button to confirm your selection.

3. Removing images and adding captions

After uploading/selecting your images, you will see them appear inside your social post. By hovering over an image, you can add a caption by clicking on the pencil icon or remove it by clicking on the X. You can also change their position by dragging.

When editing captions, you can click on the arrow icons to change image. Once ready, click on Save to finish.

Tailoring your posts and channel limits

Scroll down to start tailoring your post per channel. Learn more.

๐Ÿ”” Note: Social platforms have different image limits, which you can see displayed at the bottom right of the channel. If you are at the limit, you won't be able to select other images until you first remove some others. You can do that by clicking on the โœ… icon.

Image limits per channel

Channel Type


Facebook (Groups & Pages)


Google My Business




LinkedIn (Pages & Profiles)






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