StoryChief and our webhook fully supports UTF-8 encoding. This means the data you receive could include emoji's. Please make sure your database supports these characters.

In case of the popularly used MySQL databases you need the utf8mb4 encoding, which is supported as of version 5.53 (released early 2010). In case your database is not configured to support utf8mb4 you have 2 options:

  1. Update your encoding to support the full UTF-8 encoding (recommended)
  2. Strip out the unsupported characters from the strings (PHP example below)
function replace4byte($string) {
    return preg_replace('%(?:
          xF0[x90-xBF][x80-xBF]{2}      # planes 1-3
        | [xF1-xF3][x80-xBF]{3}          # planes 4-15
        | xF4[x80-x8F][x80-xBF]{2}      # plane 16
    )%xs', '', $string);    
}$string = 'Hello 😅 World!';
echo replace4byte($string);
// prints "Hello World!"
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