Facebook Instant Article allows you to load your article on mobile devices within Facebook instantly. Even on 3G. It is a very powerful tool as the read rate goes up to approx. 70% because of the fast loading times. We consider this as a standalone revolutionary mobile channel. You can recognize those articles in your Facebook timeline by a thunder icon.

This is how to enable Facebook Instant Articles:

Step 1

First, you have to link Facebook if you haven't done so. After you've done this navigate to Channels (click on arrow at the right top side, next to your name, choose channels, click on 'Mobile platforms' and choose Facebook Instant Articles.

Step 2

Click on 'Proceed to Facebook fanpage channel'.

Click on 'Edit' once the Facebook page is connected.

Click on 'Add instant articles channel to StoryChief'

Step 3

You'll be redirected to the Facebook Instant Articles configuration page. Choose your page there and proceed.

Step 4

Complete 3 steps within Facebook to complete your activation. It's not that hard as it looks like. Just read the notes and you'll be fine within minutes.

  1. StoryChief has already taken care of this first step, so you can relax

2. After you've created at least 10 articles with StoryChief and pushed them to your Facebook page, return to this page and click on the blue Submit button

3. Wait until your articles are reviewed, you'll get a notification when it's approved (if not make sure your articles are not violating Facebook rules). Note: Facebook needs to review the content of at least 10 of your articles in order to activate this channel. So activation can take up to 7 days after you've submitted your page for review.

This may seem long and complex, but it's not, just follow the steps and you'll be fine. If you need any assistance please contact us or use the chat within the app, we'll glad to help you through the activation process.

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