What is a master post?

StoryChief uses the concept of a "master" post with "child" social posts per specific channel. The intended use is that the master post serves as a base for all your social posts. These posts can then be further tailored to their respective audiences.

How does it work?

Configure your master post to your liking. Add a message, set images or links.

You can then select all the channels you want this to be posted and tailor each post to the audience of that channel. If you've tailored your post, it will be highlighted in blue.

In case you want to revert the post message or date back to the master message, go to the top right corner. A blue dot will appear and if you click on the blue dot, a pop up will appear asking if you want to 'Revert Changes'.

In case you want to revert a tailored posts completely back (message and date), click the 3 dots and select revert all changes.

📚 Next steps?

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