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How to publish an Instagram Reel and Facebook Reel
How to publish an Instagram Reel and Facebook Reel

This is a step-by-step guide to help you publish a Reel on Instagram or Facebook. The process is very similar for both channels.

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This article walks you through the steps to create and publish your Instagram Reel or Facebook Reel.

Publish your Reel

Step 1. Create a new social media post

Step 2. Select either an existing video or click on Upload new Video.

πŸ”” Note: Videos must be smaller than 250 MB and use the MP4 format.

Step 3. Tailor your Instagram or Facebook destination and select "Reel" to publish to. The "Share to feed" is automatically enabled. After tailoring, verify the summary

The video is now added to your social post. Click Publish or Schedule once you are ready to send it out. As uploading a video can take some time, it may be a few minutes until the post is published to your channels.

Congratulations, your Reel is on its way!

Check out the next steps below for more in-depth guides or follow-up actions.

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