Before we started developing StoryChief we went out and talked to people just like you.

Whether they were a startup or a large business, an editorial team or an enterprise, when we asked them how they created and published their stories, the scenario almost always went like this:

  1. Stories were written in Word or Google Docs.

  2. The revision process was a mess as nobody knew for certain which document was the latest version, or not everyone had access to the document.

  3. Planning was done in Excel or some Google Spreadsheet.

  4. After the story was approved, the story still needed to be pasted into the content management system (CMS) of the website.

  5. The story was then posted on social media channels and manually added to the weekly or monthly newsletter.

  6. Once the story was live, measuring results meant checking every channel one at a time.

We discovered that 70% of the time is spent on organization and distribution, whereas only 30% to the actual content creation.

We want content and editorial teams to focus on what they do best—creating stories.

That's why we built StoryChief. 

Our content marketing tool lets you save up to 4 hours on each article you create because the whole content flow is centralized. Here's how:

  1. Create stories in our user-friendly editor.

  2. Collaborate easily with colleagues, freelancers or clients.

  3. Publish to multiple online channels with one click.

  4. Measure the ROI of your published stories and social posts at a glance.

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