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StoryChief is on the mission to help their clients grow through content.
Our vision is to bring innovation to every marketer in the world.

The problem:

Content Managers and editors spend 86% of their time in a very inefficient way. Like
when they are collaborating, always going between feedback and corrections with
links, documents and loose content through email, slack, phone, etc.. it all turns
messy really quick.

Or when they are sharing their articles on all different online channels, adapting the layout, uploading the pictures and using different interfaces every single time. And when they want to check their content performance, they are confused with all the different reports coming from multiple channels and tools.

Content marketing problem

This results in:

  • Costs to reach their target audience becoming too high

  • CTR’s are too high

  • Lack of motivation to work when software is outdated or too complex

  • People work slow and are less productive

  • Approval process is too slow

  • Missing out on brand awareness and leads by not applying multichannel

  • Investing in wrong content channels by not measuring the ROI


Accelerate thought leadership and storytelling by applying a streamlined
collaboration and distribution processes for their content flows.

  • Apply centralized content production process

  • Centralize approval process / feedback process

  • Automate repetitive tasks when publishing

  • Enable your colleagues, ambassadors and influencers to promote your articles

  • Create a modern tech stack that talks to all your existing systems

  • Measure ROI and reach your audience on their channels and at the right time

    Content marketing solution

This is exactly why we’ve built StoryChief.

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