Welcome to StoryChief!

With StoryChief, you can create and publish your stories from one place to multiple channels: 

  • websites
  • social media channels 
  • newsletters 
  • ambassadors
  • Blogger and Medium.com
  • Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP

You can even connect other channels with StoryChief using our API

We have a universal editor where you create stories with ease and makes sure your story will look as it should on all these different channels.

After your first login, we recommend that you connect your channels first and complete your account profile. 

That way you'll be all set before the writing process takes off.

Main Features

1. Everyone gets a free blog from us. 

It’s your StoryChief Blog. 

You can brand it with your logo and a banner image, add categories and share your articles from there. No more excuses not to start your own blog. There's no technical installation required. Just log in to the StoryChief app and start writing.

Check how you can configure your free blog in a few minutes.

2. Dashboard

Our dashboard keeps you on track. 

You see the impressions of all your stories across all channels from day one, up to the current date. Make sure your graph is always rising. It will keep you motivated to write more and get more reach.

3. Collaborate

Work with colleagues, freelancers or clients in the same environment.

There's an approval flow from copywriter to editor-in-chief. You can send stories for approval, give comments right in the story and let your writer edit accordingly.

The version history feature lets you keep track who did what and you can restore a previous version if necessary. 

4. Easy Channel Integration

To add a channel just go to 'channels'.

We’ve made this process very easy and our sloths are constantly working to add more channels. If you have a custom website, then you can ask your webmaster to add your website as a channel with our API.

5. Craft Content

Say goodbye to Word or Google docs.

StoryChief content editor works like magic. Just write your text and use the formatting toolbar for layout, embed videos, photos, slideshows, quotes etc.

6. Publish anywhere

Publish to a range of digital channels from one place. Once you’ve created your article, you can publish it with just one click to 10+ different channels.

Don’t worry about duplicate content warnings. We’ve got this covered.

7. Measure impact from one place

Save yourself a lot of time.

Measure and view the stats per story at a glance— overall and per channel.
Analyze user behavior and react quickly. 

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