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What does this word mean exactly?

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Ambassadors: people who will receive an email with both a link to the story and social links to share it
Campaign: group multiple stories together to track combined performance
Channel: a platform where you can publish or share a link to your story
Collaborate: work together on stories in your account
Comments: leave messages for other users in stories
Content Calendar: view an overview of all of the stories in your account and track progress
Embed: add content, such as images, directly into your stories
Integrations: applications or services that you can connect to or use with your account
Multichannel: the ability to publish your story to many destinations
Press: people who will receive an email with both a link to the story and an option to download it
Reads: readers who have seen the entire story (i.e. on WordPress)
Referral marketing: automatically share your stories to others via email
Referral seats: how many ambassadors or press that you can automatically share each story to via email
Schedule: publish a story on a specific date and time
SEO: Search Engine Optimization, make it easier for search engines to find your stories
Story: an article full of rich, dynamic content
UTM: track how readers reach your published stories via Google Analytics or a similar application
Views: readers who have only seen the summary of your story (i.e. on Facebook)

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