Campaigns in a nutshell

A campaign is a great way to create a goal-focused content strategy.

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What is a campaign?

A campaign is a goal-focused content initiative. StoryChief's campaign feature enables you to combine all your articles, social posts and events, all around the same topic. This can help you organise your content into individual groups that align around the same objective.

How to use StoryChief's Campaign feature

Having a clear overview of the content you need to create or reuse in your campaign is crucial. Using your campaigns content calendar is a great way to start planning and creating content. The calendar can provide a clear overview of your planned events, stories and social posts. It can also provide a visualisation of your team's content and social media schedule

Good planning and regular assessments helps create successful campaigns

Making and maintaining campaigns are not pure technical matters, but are meant to align with your business goals. It is important to plan them accordingly and to review if they succeeded.

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