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Send your article out to all of your channels with one-click.

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Watch our Academy video πŸ“Ή on publishing your first article:

Ready to publish your article? Just head on over to the Audience tab of the article editor to activate the channels you want to use and adjust the publication time.

Activating channels

Channels that you have connected to your workspace will be displayed in this list. They are split up into different categories. You can either scroll through the entire page or select one of the categories from the sidebar.

At least one personal website is necessary to be able to publish. This is so that

StoryChief has a final live location of the article which can be used to promote it on your other channels. Set your main website as the primary channel to forward all traffic to that and avoid duplicate content issues.

Each channel can either be set to "Publish Now" or "Publish Later".


After activating all of your channels, you are then ready to publish/schedule your article.

Step 1. Click on "Publish" or "Schedule" in the navigation bar.

Step 2. After checking which channels your article will be sent out to, click on "Confirm".

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