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With your Social Posts page, you can create, manage, and view reports all from one location. 

Social posts can either be drafts, scheduled, or published. Published posts will have stats from their report visible.

Managing Social Posts

The following options are available below each postset (social post grouping):

  • Edit - Make changes to the postset. This includes choosing which channels and publising/scheduling.

  • Report - View the metrics of the postset. StoryChief track views, clicks, and shares.

  • Duplicate - Create an identical copy of the postset. Saves time when you want to promote the same piece of content multiple times.

Clicking on •••  will show two additional options:

  • Manage Campaigns - Add or remove the postset from a campaign. Learn more about campaigns here.

  • Delete - Remove the postset. It is necessary that the social posts are already unpublished to do this. 

View active channels for Social Posts

Hover over the Draft/Scheduled/Published label to quickly see which social channels are set.

Use Segments to show specific articles

To only show articles that are drafts, scheduled, or published, choose their respective segment located at the left of the page. Choose All postsets to view every status again.

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