When the story and summary are created (and approved), and if you're a publisher, you can publish the story! 

Go to audience and choose all the channels you want to publish your story to.
By default, all channels you connected are activated. If you don't want it published on a channel, click the toggle button to de-activate (green = activated). 

Step 1
Choose the personal channels (i.e. websites) you want your story to be published.
Make sure to choose the primary channel.
If you publish to more than 1 website, then you will be able to choose one of those websites as a primary channel. This way the link from your social media posts will lead to the primary website. Defining primary website destination is important as it will be indexed in Google, secondary websites will not, because of Google's duplicated content rules.

Step 2
Choose the content hubs: RSS, Medium.com, Blogger.com.

Step 3
Choose the social networks you want to share your story to.
You can add a post for Facebook and LinkedIn, add a tweet for Twitter.
The social media post itself comes from 'Summary', but we're working on this, so you will still be able to change title, description and picture per channel. 

Step 4
Send to different ambassadors and/or press lists.

Step 5

Select which mail digest in Mailchimp you want your story to be included. 

Step 6
Choose whether you want to have Google AMP and/or Facebook Instant Articles.

Step 7

Proceed to 'Publish'.
Hit 'Confirm' and you'll see the publishing progress bars for different publishing channels you've chosen. Make sure you don't close that page before you get 100% progress on publishing.

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