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Working with multiple writers in an article
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When editing an article you might notice someone else is already editing it.

When this happens you are not able to write inside the article, and can only leave comments.

Interesting? You can learn more about collaborating within a team:

Request editing access

Step 1. If you need to change something urgently you can ask that person for access by clicking "Request access".

Step 2. The person on the other end will receive a notification and be asked if he wants to grant you access or not.

Step 3. If no answer is given within 10 seconds, an option will appear to force take the lock.

Step 4. By clicking "Force take" you will get write access and the person on the other end will be forced into read mode.

Next, when one of your team members leaves the article. You will get notified that no one is currently editing the article. To take control of the article, you need to click on the "Take lock".

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