Want someone to check your story before it is published? It's a simple and streamlined process with the StoryChief editor!

Asking for a review

Step 1. Login to your StoryChief account and open a story inside the editor.

Step 2. Click on Share located at the top right of the editor.

Step 3. Choose Ask someone to review.

Step 4. A new window will appear where you can choose a user inside your workspace or enter the email addresses of people without a user account. Enable the Also ask for approval checkbox to allow the person to approve or decline the current state of the story (this does not automatically publish the story or prevent its publication).

People you request will receive a notification via email.

They are then able to open your story and accept or decline it in its current state. A message is also able to be added to provide more details, or they can highlight sections of text and create comments to provide even further information or suggestions.

Viewing the status of a request

In the Stories overview page, you will see who was sent a request for approval and the current status. In the example below, you can see that it is currently pending.

The status can also be seen inside the editor after opening the approval sidebar.

Deleting a request

Step 1. Open the review sidebar inside the story.

Step 2. Click on ... next to their name and click on Delete. A window will appear asking you to type "DELETE" to confirm this request.

Or check out this help article: Invite non users to your Story.

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