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Getting started with AI Power Mode
Getting started with AI Power Mode
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AI Power mode enables you to automatically fill out your content calendar with captivating campaigns, AI-generated social posts, and rich articles. Publish automatically to your blog, and social media. Collaborate, SEO-optimize, Translate, and Measure content performance from one place.

Let's explore the 4 main sections:

Brand Voice Studio

Make your assistant more personal with a unique brand voice.

Adding a brand voice is easy and can be achieved in three distinctive ways:

  1. (Fastest) URL: Simply provide a URL, and our assistant will analyze and offer you a brand voice based on the content it finds.

  2. Text: Copy and paste any text that embodies your desired tone of voice.

  3. Starting from scratch: If you're feeling adventurous, you can build your brand voice from the ground up!

Each option lets you further fine-tune your brand voice for precision. Once you've crafted the perfect tone, give your brand voice a name and decide if you'd like to set it as your workspace default.

Chat With Assistant

"Chat with the assistant" and imagine having an additional co-worker who's always available, aiding you on your content marketing journey. Whether it's brainstorming, formulating a content strategy, or generating blog or social posts, the assistant is prepared and eager to assist.

Understanding Context

Context can provide invaluable details for your assistant. We offer three flexible ways to provide it:

  1. Text: Input any text, such as meeting notes or transcripts.

  2. URL: Attach any public URL, and our assistant will use its content as added context.

  3. Article: Use the articles from your workspace to inform the assistant.

Once you've given context, you can pose questions like "What are the key insights?" and "What are the next steps?"

πŸ’‘ Pro tips:

  • Need to rephrase a question? Simply click the arrows to the left of "Ask AI what to do next" to rewind.

  • Want to transform a response into social posts? Just ask, "Convert to social posts" or "Create 5 social posts," and get ready to start scheduling.

  • Feel free to attach your brand voice. If you have a default brand voice, it will automatically be applied.

Where can I use the chat assistant?

  1. On "AI Power Mode" β†’ Chat with Assistant

  2. Inside a campaign β†’ Social posts β†’ Add β†’ Start with AI

  3. Inside the "Article Editor", there are three ways to trigger your assistant:

    1. Click on AI Power Chat (perfect for side research)

    2. Press space on an empty line or click AI in the toolbar

    3. Select a piece of text and click AI in the toolbar

Social Planner

Social Planner enables you to effortlessly convert notes, URLs, and articles into engaging social posts that you can schedule with ease.

Follow these three steps to create unlimited engaging social posts:

  1. Add context, like using a URL to insert a new product page from your website.

  2. (Optional) Fine-tune your post by specifying your audience, post purpose, and tone.

  3. Click on 'Submit.'

Your assistant will now generate a series of captivating social posts. But the fun doesn't stop there! You can:

  1. Click on 'Continue Generating' for more posts.

  2. Ask follow-up questions like "Add emojis," "Include some metrics," or "Add more hashtags."

Start scheduling your posts:

  1. Select the posts you like.

  2. Set a schedule date.

  3. Click on 'Save Social Posts.'

Where can I use Social Planner?

  1. On "AI Power Mode" β†’ Social Planner

  2. On "Calendar" β†’ Click on the '+' button on any given date and choose "Create social posts with AI"

  3. On "Articles Overview" β†’ Click 'Social Posts' on a given article and choose "Start with AI"

Article AI Editor

Article AI editor is the most powerful editor in the industry. This unique editor combines SEO best practices and AI assistance, empowering you to create new content, draft writing, edit existing content, and generate additional content.

Starting a new Article with AI

When starting a new article, you can choose to:

  • Start from scratch

  • Write a blog post with AI

  • Write a press release with AI

  • Write a job posting with AI

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Before you instruct your assistant to write, consider these optional steps:

  1. Add an SEO keyword

  2. Add an editorial brief

If added, the SEO keyword and/or editorial brief will guide your assistant in creating your blog post, press release, or job posting.

Select an option, fill out the prompt, and hit Enter Once finished, you can add a follow-up with another prompt or click Insert , Continue Generating, or Try Again to generate a new output.

Editing Existing Content with AI

AI Power Mode helps you quickly enhance your writing by identifying typos, simplifying language, and much more.

  • Highlight text inside the editor.

  • Click on 'AI' in the menu bar and select one of the options like:

    • Translate

    • Improve

    • Fix spelling

    • Change tone

    • Simplify

    • or provide your own prompt

❌ Limitation: there is an input limit of 10476 characters, which will be increased in the future.

Once done, you can add a follow-up with another prompt or click Replace Selection, Insert Below, Esc, or Try Again for a new output.

Generating Additional Content with AI

AI Power Mode can generate additional content based on your existing text.

  • Highlight text inside the editor.

  • Click on 'AI' in the menu bar and select one of the options like:

    • Continue writing

    • Summarize

    • Explain this

    • or provide your own prompt

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Your AI assistant is aware of the text you are writing. You can ask it to write an intro, table of content, outro, etc. Go to an empty line, hit the space bar, and ask away.

Autofill Your article Details with AI

Inside the AI article Editor, you can also autofill your excerpt, SEO title, and SEO description.

  • Go to the Details tab

  • Click Autofill on the excerpt, SEO title, or SEO description input field

Get ready to revolutionize your content creation process with our AI-powered tools! Whether it's crafting your brand voice, creating social posts, or writing a compelling article, our AI assistant is here to make it seamless and exciting! So why wait? Dive in and experience the magic of AI in content creation!

What's next?

In the ever-evolving world of digital content, we are proud to bring you innovative, AI-driven tools that simplify your content creation and marketing efforts. Whether you're crafting a distinctive brand voice, generating engaging social posts or creating compelling articles, our AI assistant is at your service around the clock.

But the journey doesn't end here. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI to offer you more dynamic and powerful solutions. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance and expand our suite of tools to help you drive your brand forward in this digital era.

Experience the thrill of transformation and the ease of innovation. Welcome to the future of content creation with our AI Power Mode. Jump in, explore, and let your creativity soar!

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