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How to create an AI-powered content calendar
How to create an AI-powered content calendar

Use Power Mode to fill your content calendar.

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StoryChief AI Power Mode just got a new upgrade. Whereas you could boost your content pieces before, you can now boost your whole calendar. With some information and directions, you can make a list of social posts and directly put them in your calendar.

Power your content calendar

Step 1. Log in to StoryChief and open "AI Power Mode" in the bar above.

Step 2. Select the Social planner and fill out the following:

  • Context: you can enter text, a URL (like a web page) or a Story you already created

  • Audience (optional): Finetune the AI for employees, leads, interested readers or another audience you have in mind

  • Post purpose: This dropdown menu makes sure that your message is less generic and aligns more with the goal.

  • Tone: Adding extra tone to the information above, to resonate better with your audience and purpose

Step 3. Have a quick look at your input and click "Submit".

Step 4. Review the generated post ideas. If it's not the desired result, you can chat with AI to adjust the posts.

Step 5. When satisfied, select the posts you like and schedule them already for a preferred moment (date & time). Click on "Save social posts".

Step 6. Click on "View social posts" to go to the postset. You will find that the text is already linked to the URL or Story you selected in the input of the Power Mode.

πŸŽ‰ You are done! Your social posts are drafted and now you can continue editing the posts as any other. Select your channels and click "Schedule".

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