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AI Power Mode Legal FAQ
AI Power Mode Legal FAQ
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Notice: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this FAQ, it is not a legally binding document nor does it override the terms of an agreement you have with Story Chief NV - including but not limited to our online Terms of Service, Data Protection Addendum.

Your prompts (inputs):

  • are NOT available to other users and customers.

  • are NOT used to improve OpenAI models.

  • are NOT used to improve any 3rd party products or services.

Data Usage, Transfer and Storage

What’s the relationship between StoryChief and OpenAI in relation to data processing?

OpenAI is a sub-processor of any personal data submitted to AI Power mode by a StoryChief customer (StoryChief Subprocessor List). StoryChief has a DPA in place with OpenAI.

Is OpenAI entitled to use my data to train its AI model?

No. OpenAI is contractually restricted from using your data to improve or train its AI model.

How long will OpenAI store my data?

OpenAI is contractually required to delete Inputs and Outputs on a rolling basis within 30 days of submission of the relevant Input.

What mechanism is in place to allow international transfer of personal data from Intercom to OpenAI?

OpenAI is based in the US. The parties are using the relevant and up to date Standard Contractual Clauses for international transfers under GDPR; UK GDPR or Swiss DPA (as applicable).

Do I have to agree to any OpenAI policies?

Yes, as part of our Product Terms, you must agree that your Inputs and Outputs will comply with applicable OpenAI policies, including the:

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