Share your passion for StoryChief by inviting friends to the platform. We will even give you discounts on plans as our way of saying thanks!

Three steps to get you the largest discount possible 

Step 1. For each of the first three people you invite, you will receive a 5% lifetime discount on any plan.

Step 2. If someone you invite upgrades to a Team plan, your discount will increase to 20%.

Step 3. You will then earn an additional 20% discount for every invited user that upgrades to Team. Get five people to upgrade to receive the full 100% discount.

Here are some examples 

Example A: I invite five of my best friends ➜ I now have a 15% discount that I can use on any plan.

Example B: I am already on a paid plan, but I just invited three people ➜ From the next billing period I will have a 15% discount.

Example C: My friend that I invited just canceled their plan ➜ From the next billing period, I will lose the discount that he generated from being on the Team plan.


  • Can I combine coupons with referral discounts? No, this is not possible.
  • How long does this discount last? The 5% from invited users is valid forever. 20% discounts from users on Team plans are valid for the duration of their plan.
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