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Getting started with the referral program

Help StoryChief grow and receive gift cards as our way of saying thanks

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Share your passion for StoryChief by inviting friends to the platform.

We will reward you with a 100 USD/EUR gift card once someone purchases a yearly plan.

Moreover, people who sign up using your link will receive a 10% discount on their first invoice, it's win-win!

How to get startedย 

Step 2. Share your unique link with others. You can do this by clicking on the buttons to share on social networks and email, or by copying the address

Step 3. Sit back and wait. The more you share your link, the higher the chance someone will start a free trial

Step 4. Once someone purchases a yearly plan, we will send you an email to claim your voucher

Which gift cards are available?

  • (US store)

  • Coolblue (Belgium/Netherlands)

  • (Belgium/Netherlands)


  • Is there a limit on how many people I can invite? Nope!

  • But is there a limit on how much I can earn? Also nope! As long as the people you invite have purchased and paid a yearly subscription, we will send you a gift card.

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