The advanced collaboration features of StoryChief allow you to quickly develop content and keep track of it all in a more efficient way. But first, you need to invite users to your workspace. Let's learn how...

Watch our Academy video 📹 on manage users and their roles for a step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Go to the Users page from your navigation bar.

Step 2. Here you'll find a list of all users. Click on the green Invite a User button.

Step 3. Fill in the user's email address and user role: Owner, Publisher, Writer, or Guest writer

Overview roles:

  • Owner: Has access to everything within the workspace. It's the only user that gets access to the API keys and that can rename or delete a workspace. There can only be one owner per workspace.

  • Publishers get access to everything within the workspace except the API keys, and cannot rename or delete the workspace. They also have access to all settings and can add/delete users.

  • Writers get access to create, see and edit all stories and social posts, including their individual reports, however they don't have access to the Insights tab and cannot publish content. They can only see the campaigns they are assigned to.

  • Guest writers get access to create new stories and social posts and to see the ones they have been invited to. They don't have access to any statistics, any workspace settings and cannot publish content.

Guest writers




Create, see & edit Stories

Only assigned




Create, see & edit Social Posts

Only assigned





Only assigned

Only assigned



Content Calendar


Channels Management

User Management

Change settings

Access to API Keys

Rename Workspace

Delete workspace

You also have the option to not send out a notification email to the user (if unnecessary). There is also a field where you can add a personal message explaining why they have been invited.

Your teammate will receive an invite in their mailbox (if chosen) and will be able to login to your company's workspace.

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