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Upload images to create an interactive gallery

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Images in your story do capture the attention of your audience, but you can take it to the next level with image galleries. Have a collection of images in a clean and interactive way in your article.

Start adding image galleries to your stories

Step 1. Open/create a story from your Stories list.

Step 2. Once in the editor, go to the Write tab (where you type your story).

Step 3. Whenever you are on a new line, you will see our media embedder bar appear. Click on the "Add image gallery" option.

Step 4. Click on "Organize".

Step 5. Add your images. Afterward, you can include a title and caption for each image. Click "Save" when finished.

The image gallery is then embedded into your story. Use the arrows located on each side to change the image.

If you click on the gallery, you can:

  1. Change its size inside the story.

  2. Edit/add/remove images used in the gallery.

  3. Add a caption below the entire gallery.

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