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Invite external guests to your article

How to collaborate on articles with non users

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Did you know that you can also collaborate on articles with people who aren't users inside of StoryChief? These can be clients, external collaborators but also colleagues who don't have a user in the workspace because they don't need to work in it intensively.

Start inviting guests to your article

Step 1. Go to the "Articles" overview and open an article:

Step 2. Click on "Collaborate" and then on "Ask someone to review".

Step 3. Add one or several email addresses of the people that are not existing users but you want to collaborate with.

If you want, add a personalised message and ask for their approval:

πŸ’‘ Tip: Now, it's also possible to invite the list of previously invited people. This is both for invitations to edit and to review an article.

Step 4. Then, the person you want to collaborate with will receive an email that they have been invited to review an article. Next, they need to click on the green button "Review".

πŸ”” Note: An external guest can give feedback, add comments and approve or decline an article. Yet, they won't be able to edit the article. To be able to edit an article they need to be a user inside your account.

Moreover, they will only get access to view this article, but they won't get access to the rest of the workspace or its content.

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