Leaving comments inside a story makes it easy to receive feedback from a colleague or client.

Creating comments

After inviting people to your account, you can leave comments by selecting a word or section of text and clicking on the comment icon located in the formatting toolbar.

The comments sidebar will now show so that you can add a comment. Tag people by typing or clicking on @. Click Save when ready. An email will be sent to the person you have tagged to notify them.

Change the visibility of your comment to limit who can see it.

  • Team: only registered users inside your workspace.

  • Everyone: all registered users and people viewing the public preview page and review page.

Viewing comments

Comments are displayed inside the editor and highlighted in yellow. Open the comments sidebar to view all of them. Clicking on a comment will show you the location of the highlighted text.

Take action on comments

A saved comment can be resolved, edited, or deleted. Resolved comments are moved to the Resolved tab.

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