Did you know that you can also collaborate on stories or social posts with people that aren't users inside of StoryChief? To do so, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to your Story Editor

Step 2: Click on Collaborate and then on Ask someone to review

Step 3: Add email addresses of the people you want to collaborate with. If you want, add a personalised message and ask for their approval.

Step 4: Then, the person you want to collaborate with will receive an email that they have been invited to review a story (see image below). Next, they need to click on the green button: Review.

Step 5: Once the person clicks on Review they will immediately be brought to the story you want them to review.

On the right side of the story editor they will see the comment you left them and if you've asked for their approval, they can either click on Decline or Approve. They can also give some remarks.

Step 6: If the person desires, they can add comments to certain parts of the text by highlighting the text and then adding a comment (see image below).

Step 7: Once your article has received approval, the icon in the top right corner will turn green.

Note: A non user can give feedback, add comments and approve or decline a story. Yet, they won't be able to edit the story. To be able to edit a story they need to be a user inside your account.

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