💡 If you don't know what is happening here, read this article to understand how StoryChief and Mailchimp are connected.

Step 1: The code block as shown below, is what you need to copy into Mailchimp. So, highlight the text and click on copy.

Step 2: Next, go to your Mailchimp account and select: Campaigns.

Step 3: Then click on: Create Campaign or use an existing Campaign.

Step 4: Fill in the information for your campaign such as: To, From, Subject and Content.

Step 5: Go to the Content section and click on: Edit Design.

Step 6: Then, you'll see this pop up on the right side of your screen. In the section Blocks, select: Code. Then, drag the code into your campaign.

Step 7: Once you've dragged the code into your campaign . There will be some text prefilled in, make sure to delete the text, so that your code is empty.

Step 8: Then paste your unique code block you got from StoryChief (check step 4) into the Code. Then, click on: Save & Close.

Note: You can change various parameters of this feed block such as:

  • The number of stories displayed

  • The size and the font of the title

  • The size of the displayed images

Note: The code block will now look like the image below in your campaign: |FEEDITEM:ITEM|

Step 9: Start publishing your stories to the Mailchimp channel to be able to see a preview of them in your campaign.

Optional: To be able to see a preview of your published stories, navigate to the top tab and click on preview, then select: Enter preview mode.

Note: If you haven't published any stories to your Mailchimp channel, you won't be able to see a preview of any of your published stories. Want to learn more about creating your first article? Then, click here.

Step 10: Once, you've published some of your stories to your Mailchimp channel you'll be able to see a preview of them (see image below).

The next time you publish a story, and want to include it in your next newsletter, make sure to activate it in the Audience tab.

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