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Mailchimp is a worldwide known email marketing tool, famous for its intuitive use and easy set-up. If your company is using this tool to send regular newsletters or mass mailings to clients or prospects, you might want to connect it to StoryChief too.

Follow these steps to connect your Mailchimp account to your StoryChief workspace:

Start connecting your MailChimp account

Step 1. Go to your Integrations Page and then go to the section Email Marketing and click on Mailchimp.

Step 2. Click on the green button: "Add new destination".

Step 3. The new destination has now been created for you. We recommend changing the "display name" to be more memorable.

Step 4. Now that your Mailchimp channel has been created, you need to connect it to your Mailchimp account.

Press the "Expand" button next to Setup Instructions to get your personalized code block:

Step 5. You will be presented with two ways to use your feed in Mailchimp:

Option 1: Include a block of recent articles inside a regular campaign in Mailchimp

Option 2: Automatically send out digests of recent articles on a regular time frame

Check out the next steps to know more about these options or watch our webinar about integrations with email marketing tools & RSS feeds:

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