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Set up a fully automated Mailchimp RSS campaign
Set up a fully automated Mailchimp RSS campaign

Create an RSS campaign

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MailChimp is a worldwide known email marketing tool, famous for its intuitive use and easy setup. If your company is using this tool to send regular newsletters or mass mailings to clients or prospects, you might want to connect it to StoryChief too.

Once you have activated a Mailchimp channel in StoryChief, you can follow the next steps to find out how to create an automated email digest with the last published blog articles.

By going to Channels > Mailchimp > Expand > Option 2, you will find your own personalised code.

Start setting up your automated RSS campaign

Step 1. By going to Option 2, you'll find the following instructions:

Step 2: Go to your Mailchimp account and create an RSS campaign by going to Campaigns > Automations > Create an automation > Share blog updates:

You can find more information in this help article from Mailchimp on how to create a share blog update in Mailchimp.

Step 3: Copy the link provided in your StoryChief account:

And paste it as the RSS feed URL inside the campaign in Mailchimp:

Step 4: If you want to change the design and layout of this email digest, copy and paste the code block provided in your StoryChief account inside your email design as a code block. This step is fully optional:

Once you have added your RSS feed to a Mailchimp campaign, you are good to go.

The next time you publish a story, make sure to activate it in the Audience tab:

Do you want to know how this works in real life? Watch this webinar for a step to step guide with real examples in Mailchimp:

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