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Connecting your store locations to StoryChief.

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If your business has multiple store locations you can add each of the locations as separate pages to StoryChief as well.

You only need to do this if you want to post to the location page individually using StoryChief. If the location stores only need to show the posts of the main Facebook page, that is already handled automatically by Facebook and you don't need to add each store individually to StoryChief.

If you're still reading you probably want to know how you can add a location store to StoryChief. In order to do so you have to create the location using the method described below, otherwise, the page won't be visible through Facebook's API and you won't be able to connect the location page to StoryChief.

Start adding store locations

Step 1. Create a regular Facebook page for your new location (link)

Step 2. Navigate to the Facebook Store Locations page (link)

Step 3. Click on "Add stores" and click "next".

Step 4. Select Connect a Page option and click next.

πŸ”” Note: None of the other options will allow you to manage the location page through the Facebook API. That means you won't be able to connect it to StoryChief.

Step 5. Choose the page you created in Step 1 and click "next"

Step 6. Fill in the Facebook Store form and press save.

That's it you're done 🎊. You can now connect your new Store Location to StoryChief and publish to it individually.

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