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Add colors to your custom fields

Add colors to your custom fields to quickly recognize them in your articles, social posts, or campaigns.

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Having lots of content in different campaigns can make your calendar look overwhelming. By adding a touch of color, the chaos turns into an ordered agenda.

Start adding colors

Step 1. Create a custom field (learn more) for either your Articles, Social posts, or Campaigns. In the Options section, click on the left button and select a color and click on save.

Or you can select it on the field itself- if the dynamic option setting is enabled:

Click on: Create new Option.

πŸ”” Note: The field option is a simplified version compared to the settings of custom fields.

You can still access the value field by clicking on: Show advanced:

The value field is automatically generated but you still have the option to override it. The auto-generation is enabled on the settings page.

πŸ”” Note: The colors that you have selected for your custom fields will be visible on the data tables for articles, social posts, and campaigns.

And the colors will also be visible on the calendar. Hovering your cursor over the colors will reveal the associated information associated.

πŸ”” Note: The primary event color that is used as the event background is selected only from the campaign colors and not those from the custom field. Custom fields colors will only show as indicators inside the events.

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