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Webflow: Using custom fields
Webflow: Using custom fields
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Custom fields allow you to extend the default functionality offered by StoryChief.
Check out this in-depth article on how and why to use custom fields.

When using external custom fields, you'll need to map these over to your Webflow site as well.

Start using custom fields

Step 1. Go to your Webflow channel page and click on "Edit" to the right of the website name.

Step 2. Scroll down until you reach the Webflow field. Select the dropdown and choose the custom field just created in StoryChief. Click "Update settings". Your custom field is now linked correctly!

Step 3. To use a custom field in an article, go to the "Summary" tab of the editor and scroll down to "Custom fields". Enter the value you want to use and it will be passed to Webflow upon publishing.

Mapping Webflow Archived, Draft & Switch fields

For Archived, draft and switch fields you can set a fixed value True or False

or you can make it dynamic by mapping it with a StoryChief Single option custom field. To do so you will need to provide 0 (zero) and 1 as value:

Mapping Webflow Reference Fields

Webflow reference fields can also be mapped to StoryChief custom fields Auto-complete, Single option, and Multiple options.

πŸ”” Note: For value you need to provide the name of the reference item.

If you're having issues mapping your Webflow custom fields don't hesitate to contact us via chat.

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