This is how to add your ambassadors to StoryChief:

Step 1
Click on arrow at the right top side, next to your name, choose channels, click on 'Referral marketing' and then choose Ambassadors.

Step 2
Create a new list by clicking on Add new destination.

Step 3
Now you are ready to add ambassadors to the list. There are 3 ways to add ambassadors. The first way is 'One by one' (step 3.1), the second way is 'Import from CSV' (Step 3.2), the third way is through 'Sign up form' (step 3.3).

Step 3.1: Add ambassadors one by one
In this step, you add a new ambassador by clicking '+ New Ambassador'.
Enter the email address (the firstname and lastname are optional). 

  • If the person already gave permission to become an ambassador, you indicate the check mark and no confirmation email will be sent. 
  • If not, you don't indicate the check mark and a confirmation email will be sent to become an ambassador.

Example of the confirmation email:

Example where ambassadors already have confirmed their ambassadorship and one ambassador not (pending):

Step 3.2: Import ambassadors from CSV
Import a long list of ambassadors is also possible. First, you have to make a list in Excel with data of ambassadors. The first row in Excel must be a title (ex.: Email addresses - Firstname - Lastname). Under the titles, you enter the email addresses, the first and last name of the ambassador. Save the Excel file as CSV. 

Now it is time to import the CSV file by clicking on 'Import from CSV'. You choose the right file and click on 'Confirm' after you have chosen the field you'd wish to save this info (ex.: Email). 

Step 3.3: Sign up form
Create a sign up form and embed the form in one of your stories.

Step 4: Change your settings
You can change the list name by clicking on the settings tab.
Here you can change the name, email, and reply to email.
You can also choose whether you want to the story in the mail displayed as summary (social media post) or full story;
if there are share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) or not, and if you want a download button or not (download article in Word or PDF and images in ZIP-file). 

You can also enable UTM Tracking and add source, medium and campaign.

A practical example

Step 1
Create a new story

Step 2
After you have written a new story, you click on the tab "Audience"

Step 3
In this tab, you will see a block with the ambassadors. Activate the right ambassador list (ex. Colleagues) and write a short message to them. 

Step 4
Now you are ready to publish your story by clicking on "Confirm" or "Next". The ambassadors will receive an email from you to like and share your story.

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