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Share your social posts with your ambassador/press contacts
Share your social posts with your ambassador/press contacts
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Increase the exposure of your social posts by asking your ambassadors and press to like, share, and retweet them.

To get started, first set up an ambassadors/press channel.

Or watch our Academy video πŸ“Ή on setting up your brand ambassadors for a step-by-step guide:

Customizing the contents of each email

Once you have created an ambassadors/press channel, you will be able to change some settings such as the from name and email address.

Enabling an ambassador/press channel for a social post

Step 1. Navigate to your social posts page and open a postset by clicking on the Edit link (or create a new postset by clicking on the + new social post button).

Step 2. After creating your post by adding a caption and (optionally) a media type, activate your ambassadors or press channel lists from the channels list.

Step 3. A preview of the email will be displayed below. Feel free to customize the message and subject if necessary and choose the date and time when you want this email to be sent:

Step 4. Once ready, publish or schedule your social posts to all of your channels. Each ambassador and press contact will then receive an email asking them to share your posts. A link to a page containing your posts will be inside the email. On the page they will be able to engage with the posts:

An example of a sharing page

Viewing reports

Open the report of your published post to find out which of your contacts opened the email and clicked on a link to read/share the social post.

  • Sent: When the email was sent from StoryChief.

  • Delivered: When the email was received by the contact's email server.

  • Viewed: When the email was first opened by the contact.

  • Clicked: The first time a link was clicked on inside the email.

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