If you are an agency and want to use StoryChief for multiple clients, you can set up accounts for each brand and then switch between dashboards to have everything structured.

It's not advisable to manage publications of different clients in one account, because the statistics will not be separated. And also because each account can only be branded with one corporate identity.

So if you work with different accounts for each client, it's not only better structured, but it also lets your clients use StoryChief on their own, while you (having a publisher role) can curate content and keep an eye on what's currently happening on all these accounts.

So each publisher can be member of different accounts/companies.

To switch between the accounts or create new account follow these steps:

Step 1

Select 'Switch account' from the dropdown menu in your navigation bar.

Step 2

Select the account you are member of, and if you don't have other brands configured yet, just click 'create new one'.

Step 3

To create new account click on 'Add a new account'.
Fill in your account/company/brand name and you'll be all set. You will see the setup page like you did before where you will be able to setup your brand logo, profile settings, etc.
Afterwards, start inviting your client by adding users. 

If you synchronize the content calendar of each account to a generic Google, Outlook or Apple calendar of your company, then you can have a clear overview of all stories published or planned on all accounts within your own calendar.

You can see our plans on this page.

If you have more than five paid clients, drop us a message so we can take a look at a custom plan together. 

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