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You're invited by your colleague or your agency to review content in StoryChief

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Congratulations, you were invited to StoryChief as a client! This means you can start approving content and making suggestions.

You can follow this article to see how you can get started.

Activate your StoryChief account

Once the agency invites you to StoryChief, you will receive an invitation email with the subject:
'You've been invited to join a StoryChief account' which looks like this:

Just click on 'Join workspace' to create a password or log in with your Google user or SSO. Once done, your StoryChief account will be active and you'll be able to access your workspace.

Set up your profile & change your password

To configure your personal profile, you need to log into the workspace > click on your name at the top right > click on Your profile.
Find all the available settings here πŸ‘‰ Configure your personal profile

Accessing content through the overview

On the dashboard, you can click on 'Content' to access content such as articles and social posts.

You will be able to see all the content that the agency has assigned to you and you will also be able to create content from scratch.

Commenting & review

When your agency has written an article, a social post or any other type of content, they can ask you for approval and/or ask you to make some last edits before the publication.

In this case, you will receive an email notification with the subject 'Agency X wants you to review X'

By clicking on 'Review', you'll be able to access the piece of content. You can read it at your own tempo and make any changes that you consider needed.

Afterwards, you can open the modal on the right-hand side and approve or decline the content.

Another way to collaborate before you actually approve the content, is by leaving comments in articles, social posts and other content types, where you can easily select text and add an (inline) comment:

πŸ’‘ Tip: Instead of just leaving comments, you can select a sentence and use the comment to suggest better text.

πŸ’‘Tip: Notify specific people within your agency by adding a @ symbol, followed by their name

If you are interested in knowing more about collaboration and commenting, you can follow this help article.

View your notifications

Keeping up to date on the progress of your content is crucial. With the notification center, you can quickly view comments and see what is pending approval to keep the creative process on track.

Your StoryChief inbox shows you an overview of new actions that happened. Every comment you are tagged in, each content piece pending your approval, a campaign that is about to start or finish and even destinations that disconnected.

In the screenshot below, you can see that unread notifications are marked with a blue circle.

  1. Click on the checkbox to mark a notification as read. Additionally, you can click the checkbox in the bar on top to mark everything as read

  2. Use the filter to view All notifications, Read notifications or Unread notifications


  3. Click on the gear symbol to open your notification settings and adjust them

Want to know more about the way StoryChief sends notifications? Check out this article πŸ‘‰ View your notifications and updates

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