If you are an agency or you work for different brands, you can set up workspaces for each brand and then switch between them to have everything structured.
We do not advise managing publications of different brands in the same account, as statistics will not be separate. Each account can also only be branded with one corporate identity.

So if you have different workspaces for each brand, it's not only better structured, but it also lets your brand managers or clients use StoryChief on their own, while you (having a publisher role) can curate content and keep an eye on what's currently happening on all workspaces.

Each user can also be a member of multiple workspaces.

To switch between workspaces or create a new one, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Click on your name at the top-right and choose Create or switch workspaces.

Step 2 Select the account you are member of. If you don't have a different brand configured yet, just click new account.

Step 3. Fill in the company/brand name and you'll be all set. You will now be able to add users and channels to the workspace.

Quick Tip: If you synchronize the Content Calendar of each account to a Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar, you will have a clear overview of all content published or planned on all workspaces, handy!

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