Watch our Academy video 📹 on: Managing your Workspaces for a step-by-step guide.

If you are an agency or you work for different brands, you can set up workspaces for each one and then switch between them to have everything structured.

We do not advise managing publications of different brands in the same workspace, as statistics, channels, and users will not be separate. Each workspace can also only be branded with one identity.

Each time you log in to StoryChief (or by switching workspace) you will see stats about each workspace and be provided with direct links to content, campaigns, and more. All notifications for all workspaces are also displayed.

Click on your name at the top-right and choose Create or switch workspaces.

Accessing a workspace

All workspaces are listed on this page. You will also see how the total reach of each workspace has evolved over time.

Click on the the workspace to navigate to it, or click on the hamburger menu ( ) to directly go to a specific area (stories, social posts, campaigns, users, or channels).

Notifications for all workspaces are displayed in the right sidebar. Clicking on the link will take you to the content in question.

Creating a workspace

Step 1. Click on the create a new one link at the top of the page, or scroll down to the bottom and click on new workspace (shown below).

Step 2. Fill in the company/brand name. Select your industry and what you are looking to solve by using StoryChief. You will now be able to access your new workspace!

Quick Tip: If you synchronize the Content Calendar of each account to a Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar, you will have a clear overview of all content published or planned on all workspaces, handy!

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