If you start a new story, you see a bar to add  different media files. 

This is the fill list of media files that you can embed:
Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, vooPlayer, Google Maps, Typeform, Upscribe, Airtable, Chartblocks, Codepen, CodeSandBox, Slideshare, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Pippa, Anchor fm, libsyn, RadioPublic and HubSpot call to action.

Here is the explanation of the different icons:

1. Add image

2. Add images to an image gallery. It is the first image that determines the size of the gallery. 

3. Add video. Simply copy the link of your video on Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, vooPlayer and then paste it in the box.

You can enlarge the size of the video. 

4. Embed media: Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, SlideShare, Typeform, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Airtable and Codepen.
Copy the link of your media file, and paste it in the designated box.

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