Bynder: Import media assets
Seamlessly browse and import Bynder media assets
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Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets.

By connecting Bynder to StoryChief, your content marketing team can seamlessly browse and import Bynder media assets into your StoryChief workspace. These assets can be used during the creation of social media posts and articles. Ensuring content consistency across all digital touchpoints.


The Bynder Integration is added to the StoryChief media library, story editor & social media composer allowing you to easily consult your assets and import them where needed. This integration supports images and videos and allows multiple file selections to batch import assets.

StoryChief Media Library

Story editor

Social media composer


Step 1:

Navigate to your integrations page.

Step 2:

Scroll down to the Cloud Storage section and click Bynder.

Step 3:

Enable Bynder and press save.

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