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Publish automatically to your Ghost-powered website using StoryChief. Thanks to the easy setup procedure, you'll be ready to publish in minutes!

Add your Ghost website

Step 1. From your StoryChief dashboard, click on your name at the upper right and choose Channels.

Step 2. Scroll down until you find Ghost (or click here). Click to proceed.

Step 3. Click on "Add new destination".

Step 4. Leave this page open and inside a new tab/window navigate to the admin side of your Ghost website. In the sidebar, navigate to Settings โžœ Integrations. Click on the "+ Add custom integration" link.

Step 5. Give the new integration a name of your choosing and click on "Create".

Step 6. You will now be presented with details about the integration and how to connect. We need the following details:

  • Admin API key


Step 7. Paste the Admin API Key and API URL into the corresponding fields in StoryChief. Click on "Save settings" when ready. StoryChief will then check the connection and enable publication to it.

If you receive an error, make sure that your details are correct and that StoryChief isn't being blocked by a firewall. Still stuck? Contact support by clicking on the chat icon within StoryChief, or by sending us an email at

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