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Add your brand voice to AI Power Mode
Add your brand voice to AI Power Mode

Leverage AI with your brand voice.

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StoryChief's updated AI Power Mode now offers the ability to generate a brand voice based on specific characteristics and dimensions. This feature ensures brand consistency across all generated content. By analyzing context from a given text or URL, you can easily create a unique brand voice that aligns with your company's values and messaging.

To get started with generating a brand voice, follow the steps in this article.

Empower your content with your brand voice

Step 1. Access the Brand Voice Generation Tool. Log in to your StoryChief account, select the "AI Power Mode" in the top bar and navigate to the "Company Intelligence" section in de sidebar on the left. πŸ‘‰ Quick link.

Step 2. In the company intelligence page, you'll see the brand voice section. Create your voice via "Add voice".

πŸ’‘ Tip: Click on 'Generate Content Strategy' to let the Powermode analyze your website and have all parts of the Company intelligence in no time.

Step 3. Choose whether you want to provide a URL or text for the AI to analyze. This could be your website, blog posts, social media profiles, or any other relevant source. It's also possible to start building from scratch (see Step 4.).

When the source is selected, click 'Continue'.

Step 4. Review and adjust brand voice. The PowerMode has specified characteristics and dimensions for your brand voice. These include the following traits:

  • Serious vs funny

  • Casual vs formal

  • Irrevent vs respectful

  • Matter of fact vs enthusiastic

Don't forget to give your new voice a 'Name'. There also is an option to 'Set as workspace default', to save you some work choosing between voices.

Step 5. Save Your Brand Voice. Click on 'Save' to start using your new voice!

By utilizing StoryChief's Brand Voice Generation tool, you can save time while maintaining consistent branding across all generated content. Experiment with different characteristics and dimensions until you find a perfect fit for your company's unique identity!

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you make the most of StoryChief's powerful brand voice generation capabilities.

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