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How to create your first AI powered social post
How to create your first AI powered social post

A step per step guid to help you write your first social post with the help of our AI power mode!

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After going through the amazing options StoryChief's AI power mode can help you with, and creating your first AI-powered blog post. Now it's time to share your blog post with the world on your social media accounts.

Don't have a StoryChief account yet? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Create your free workspace now to explore the power of the AI Power Mode!

Start writing a social post with AI Power Mode

Step 1. Once logged in, navigate to the social posts section and click on "Start with AI". This will open a new screen on the right.

Step 2. Fill out the context, the Audience, the post purpose and the tone. You can also select the brand voice and the language. Click "Submit" to let the AI work its magic! ๐Ÿช„

Step 3. You will find some options to use. When retouches are needed, you can click "Try again" or even "Continue generating" to receive more post ideas.

Step 4. Select the post ideas you would like to work on and schedule already to save time. Click on "Save social posts" and

Step 5. Click "View social posts" to open your newly created posts. Here, you can continue editing and collaborating. You can also use AI to further finetune the specific post.

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