You have made so far, congratulation πŸŽ‰! After going thorough the amazing options Story Chief's AI power mode can help you with, and creating your first AI powered blog post

it's now time to share your blog post with the world on your social media accounts.

Don't have a Story Chief account yet 😲?, Start your 7 day free trial now.

Step-1: Once logged in, navigate to the social posts section and click on new social post

Step-2: Click the AI Icon and select Social post

Step-3: Tell the assistant what you want and click Generate.

*We want a tweet about our new blog post:

Step-4: The Assistant gives you a suggested tweet:

Step-5: Click Insert, review or alter the text to meet your needs, then publish it:

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations ! Your first AI generated tweet is out there!

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