So you've normally received an invitation mail with subject:
'You've been invited to join a Story Chief account' which looks like this.

If your colleague or client added an editorial brief for a story he assigned to you, you will also get this email:

If you click on the button in the first mail, you will go to the overview page of stories you are invited to:

If you click on the button in the second mail, you will immediately go to the specific assigned story with the editorial brief from your colleague, and you can start writing.

Wherever you are in the account, if you click on the logo of Story Chief, you will always go back to the Stories overview page. 

When you're in a Story detail page, you can start creating your story. 

This person will receive a notification, and can give comments, approve or decline your story.

If he gives comments, you will get notification mails as well.
You can see the number of comments on top of the story, and by clicking on one of the comments, you will be directly diverted to the specific (text) area. 

When you've changed the text, you can add a reply. 

Your colleague or client receives a notification mail again, and he can click on resolve when the comment is resolved, or reply on the comment again.

Story Chief makes a new version for every visit to this article, so nothing gets lost.

If your colleague or client accepts the story, you will also receive a notification mail.

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