Want to connect StoryChief to your Webflow website? Great! Follow this article to get it set up.

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Step 1. From the dropdown menu, click on Channels.

Step 2. Scroll down until you see Webflow, click on it to continue.Β 

Step 3. Click on Add new destination. You will now be sent to Webflow to authorize the request.

Step 4. Click on Authorize Application to allow your StoryChief account to post to Webflow.

Step 5. Back in your StoryChief account, choose your Webflow account in the dropdown menu. Click on Save settings.

Step 6. Choose which collection and domain you want to post to. Click again on Save settings.

Step 7. Pick the fields that you want to post to. It can be that some options are not used in your Webflow site. Click on Update settings.

Your Webflow website is now connected to your StoryChief account.

Want to use custom fields with Webflow? Check out this help article.

Need help? Contact support@storychief.io, or open a chat via the icon located at the bottom right of this page.

πŸ”” Note: There is a known issue with Webflow and their API. Updating a CMS entry in Webflow that is published via their API breaks the images and any script inside it. To solve this you will need to re-upload the images and remove the script OR republish with StoryChief. See this thread.

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