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Webflow: FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Webflow channel

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Here you'll find an overview of frequently asked questions regarding Webflow.

Table of Contents:

1. How can I publish to multiple collections?

For each Webflow collection, you would create a separate Webflow channel inside of StoryChief. This article shows how to connect a Webflow channel.

2. How do I set up Google AMP

StoryChief can automatically create Google AMP versions of your articles, and because of our integration with Webflow, adding this functionality to your site has never been easier. Follow this short help article to learn how.

3. How can I set my canonical URL

When publishing articles on multiple channels, the industry-recommended approach is to set the canonical URL on all secondary channels (read more about that here). Follow this short help article to learn how to set the canonical URL on Webflow.

4. I'm having errors when publishing, how can I solve this?

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