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Medium: Contributing to publications
Medium: Contributing to publications
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From StoryChief you can always publish to your own Medium account. But what if you want to contribute to a publication? In this article, we will explain how you can achieve this.

Start contributing to publications

Step 1. Visit the publication that you would like to contribute to. Many will have a link in the menu to submission guidelines. Make sure that you read these in full, as the editors will not accept your story if it is not a good match.
​Step 2. Finish your story and publish it to your own Medium account.
​Step 3. Contact the editors of the publication with a link to your story. You can typically find contact details on the submission guideline page.

Hopefully, within a couple of days, you will have a response from the publication. If accepted, you will be able to choose the publication in the dropdown menu in your Medium channel.

πŸŽ‰ You're done, grab a coffee, you deserve it!

Check out the next steps below for more in-depth guides or follow-up actions.

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